Dealing with Loss

Loss is a normal part of life. It happens throughout all seasons. Lately though, it feels like the losses threaten too suffocate me. I’m tired of saying good bye to people I love. I’m weary of losing things I’ve worked so hard to accomplish, things that bring stability to our lives and home.

It’s been a long season of loss. Yet as recently as the last few days a loss has hit me so hard I feel paralyzed. A loss I never imagined I would know. It’s left me reeling, a roller coaster of emotions and handful of crazy trying to cope with the pain. It’s a lonely and heartbreaking place.

So how do we deal with loss when God’s plan makes zero sense. When we have more questions than answers? I’ve struggled with this for years now.

As hard as it may be, we lean into him. We lay our hurt and sorrow at his feet and let him heal our hearts. But how!!??

Praise. Worship him even when it hurts. Praise him even when the loss is so deep we can barely move. As we worship him our attitudes shift and our hearts start to beat again. When we don’t, our hearts spiral into despair and bitterness.

I’ve gotten this wrong with this season of loss. I’ve turned away and tried to get better by my own will. It’s been completely ineffective and has even created more loss.

I can’t get enough of these two songs. It’s exactly where I want my heart to be.

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