Broken Together

Can’t shake this! I saw a quote yesterday, made me a tiny sad. So final. So definitive. So, “you hurt me, we’re done”. But hurt people, hurt people, and we’ve all been hurt.

“Friendship is delicate as a glass, once broken it can be fixed but there will always be cracks”

I think “cracks”(brokenness) are excellent for life changing grace to seep through. Richer, deeper, more meaningful, better-than-you-dreamed friendships (relationships) happen in the crucible of brokenness, but not if we see it like this quote – permanent damage. Many do, I know, but wouldn’t it be lovely – more grace, less holding onto junk. Deep think moment over.

Ya’ll, I’ve been given more grace than I deserve, it overwhelms me, blows me slap away! Thankful for my friends…that love me anyhow…shattered glass and all, instruments of grace!

We need our friends. Don’t give up on each other. They are worth it. YOU are worth it! I get grace more than I ever have at the ripe ole age of…. and you thought I’d tell!

Are you withholding grace because you’ve been hurt? Can you allow that hurt to form a deeper bond through forgiveness and understanding? The people we love are worth it and we are better when we fight through what the enemy sets out to destroy. Oh how he’d love to see us never experience the riches of a relationship that had weathered storms, to never have anything more than shallow. What a lonely way to live.

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